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Get. Red. City. Fit.

Personal Training
Limited Time

Personal Training With Red City Fitness

  • Help to improve your form/technique, reducing risk of injury and enhancing your performance.

  • Holding you accountable and keeping you motivated

  • Conducting sessions that are both challenging and engaging, pushing you to achieve new levels of fitness you otherwise would not do

  • Customized to meet your individual needs and goals, making your workout more effective.

  • With personal training, you have access to expert guidance and support throughout your entire fitness journey.

- Limited Time -

$39.00 for your first session


I have had the best experience with Red City Fitness, and wish I found about this sooner. I was new to this city and Hector and this community was incredibly welcoming. I struggled to get through my first session here- I was that unfit! But I’ve come a long way since then, thanks to Hector and others I’ve trained with! I’ve done both personal training sessions and group lessons and love both. They even agreed to schedule some classes in the gym at my apartment building- this shows how dedicated this team is to helping out clients! I love the energy and atmosphere. 10/10 would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their physical strength. Also an amazing group of people to meet!


I had joined Red City Fitness in January 2021 with a hope that I lose some extra weight. I wasn't looking for getting a super muscular body or bulking or anything like that. I started off with my trainer, Hector Plaza, a fine, fun loving gentleman who would give tooth and nail to help his clients achieve their goals. Love his energy on the workout floor. The gym has everything you necessarily require for workouts. You'll find many gyms that are big with uncountable equipment's but you will not get the same level of commitment and focus from your instructor unlike Hector and his team at Red City Fitness.


Red City Fitness is what I’d call a “hidden gem.” It has none of the drawbacks that make other gyms hard to get motivated about—it’s a beautiful space, tucked away by the Mass Pike in Allston. It’s never crowded. The space is immaculately clean and well organized, and the general vibe is incredibly upbeat and positive. Equipment covers all the bases and then some, and it’s all practically brand new. Parking is free and easy. I always look forward to my workouts, and Hector and Rene are great trainers. I’m glad I found this place, it has made getting in shape a lot of fun!

Let the future be different.

- $39.00 first class -

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