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Welcome to Red City Fitness! Growing up in Puerto Rico, I got introduced to the fitness industry when I was very young. I started playing baseball when I was five years old, and I continued playing until 2015, when I moved to Boston. After completing high school, I attended a community college in Jacksonville, Texas, where I played baseball as I started my undergraduate studies. I then moved back to Puerto Rico, where I completed a bachelor’s degree in sports management with minors in sports marketing and entrepreneurship. I have been training clients since 2012, when I became an AFAA certified personal trainer. Baseball and training are my passions. I love seeing my clients’ reaction as their bodies and lifestyles change with training; this is the best gift I could receive from them. I always have a plan for each client, and I am ready to help them to achieve their goals. I specialize in weight loss, functional training, conditioning training, strength training, and corrective exercises.


Languages: English, Spanish


Andreia Ferreira

Meet Andreia Ferreira, a personal trainer with a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals and dreams. Andreia's journey as a fitness professional began as a kickboxing fighter representing Brazil for 10 years, competing in countries such as Ireland and Argentina. This experience instilled in her a passion for training and a drive to help others reach their full potential. With over a decade of experience teaching kickboxing classes and 2 years as a personal trainer, Andreia is dedicated to helping her clients improve their overall health and well-being. She specializes in weight loss, functional training, conditioning, strength training, and corrective exercises to address imbalances and injuries. When she's not working, Andreia can be found running - she's set to complete her 10th marathon in 2023! Her favorite food is rice, chicken, and pequi, a traditional Brazilian dish. Born and raised in Brazil, Andreia speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently. "I'm part of a team. So when I win, it's not just me who wins. In a way, I finish the work of a huge group of people," is Andreia's motivational quote that describes her dedication to her clients and their success.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese


Arthur Mescon

Meet Arthur as a lifelong athlete with a long injury history, maintaining strength, flexibility, agility, and balance are my keys to staying active. These four pillars not only keep old injuries from holding us back but also allow us to excel at everything we do. An active body feels great. Better yet, activity stimulates brain function and capacity. I love to engage with people and with the natural world, playing sports, finding peace on a mountaintop, and getting lost in friendly conversation along the way. Whether you are looking for lifelong functional fitness, recovery, or athletic development, I look forward to meeting you on your level and seeing how far we can grow. Building a connection, helping you hit your goals, and keeping you doing the things you love puts a smile on my face. I promise you will smile (and sweat) along the way too! There is no better time to start something great than now. Let's get after it!

Functional training, athletic development, injury prevention and recovery


— Aristotle

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