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  • Functional Fitness BootCamp

    Functional Fitness: Train for everyday activities with exercises that improve strength, mobility, balance, and endurance.

  • Glutes & Core

    Glutes & Core: Sweat and tone your glutes with strength and cardio exercises. Core: Strengthen and tone your midsection with exercises targeting abs, obliques, and lower back muscles.

  • Burn-Out Red Zone Single Class

    This is a one-hour workout focused on strength, coordination, explosiveness, endurance, and conditioning. Equipment used: treadmill, balance ball, suspension trainer, resistance band, wall ball.

  • Booty & Bands

    “Booty and bands is a brand new class focusing on lower-body; utilizing resistance bands for muscle strengthening and toning. Build nice curve glutes, thin thighs, and hips will be worked during this 60 minute session.”

  • HIIT Kickboxing

    It is a boot camp style workout. It is fast paced and tough. Classes will include circuit training, cardio, body weight workouts, and weight lifting. Each class will be different so don’t expect to see the same workout two days in a row. Our focus in CK Fit is to help build your overall athleticism. We’ll provide a full body, fun workout.

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